Conceptual design to persuade users to avoid credit card debt.

This would be a real physical credit card, with electronic ink and an embedded chip to change its appearance according to the user’s financial state.

• The card begins with a personalized photo, chosen by the user, to provide a positive image.
• When the user charges things to the card, a portion of the card face is greyed-out to represent how close the user is to reaching the card’s spending limit.
• If the user is running a balance on the card, a portion of the face is blacked-out with heavy red letters saying “DEBT”, growing as the user’s running balance grows. It could also print the amount of money the user will have to pay in interest based on their current payments.
• In addition to being a reminder for the user individually, the changed face of the card would also cause embarrassment when the user pulls it out to use it, thus using social pressure for persuasion.
• The card could also give positive feedback when the balance is paid off, such as sparkling like gold the next time it was pulled out.